2:39am April 21, 2014

Once again, some more sketches that are destined to be colored. I actually have Octavia in the works as well, but I couldn’t get her the way I wanted to so I decided to post her later when I’ve fixed it. o3o

But, in the meantime, here is Vinyl Scratch and Big McIntosh! c: A bit of headcanon for them, as usual:

Vinyl Scratch is actually gonna be a little more furry than she is here. I kinda see her as a pony who’s pretty scruffy, has very light bags under her eyes (thinkin’ she’s a bit of an insomniac, or at least gets less sleep than she should), and a little knick in her ear. When I look at Vinyl Scratch I see an artist at heart, who’s extremely passionate about music of all forms, especially dubstep and remixes. She’s relatively laid back, and it’s hard to get under her skin, but if you ask her about anything music related be prepared to have a very animated and enthusiastic Vinyl on your hands. She actually has that little quirk many artists have, the type that usually keeps one up late at night simply because inspiration decided to pay a visit. She’s the roommate and best friend/girlfriend (whichever you prefer; I like either one) of Octavia, whom she gets along with better than what folks think, especially due to their equal love for music.

And then we have ourselves Big Mac. I kinda-sorta mirrored or based this sketch off of the one of Applejack, if only because to show how much they look like each other. Like AJ, he gets his size from his massive father, however he actually looks a little more like his mother, as well as having a bit of her personality mixed with his father. Regardless of how intimidating his size makes him, he’s a huge softy. Soft spoken, rarely speaks unless needed, he often communicates with his trademark “Eeyup” and “Nnope”, paired with facial expressions and tone of voice (it’s usually enough to get his point across). You guys already knew that though. xD Now, like AJ, Big Mac has some scars adorning his body, from defending the farm or his shipments when delivering an order. His size and deep voice is usually enough to scare away most of those who intend harm, but it doesn’t always work. o3o


Like the sketches before these two, they will be available to bid for a little later. :3  Until then, feel free to ask any questions you may have, and thanks again for taking a look. ^.^

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