7:15pm January 1, 2014
Hellloooooooooooooooooooo peeps! :3
First and foremost, HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2013 certainly wasn’t the best of years, so I’m personally relieved that it’s over. I dunno why, though, but I have a gut feeling that 2014’s gonna be a really good year.
SO! To start myself off on the New Year, I decided to draw up something I haven’t done in a while… FOALS. Lots and lots of foals. c:
I figured it’d be nice to show you guys all the sorts of different foals and give headcanon on them, including mixed breeds and so on.
Most of the foals seen here are nameless and non-canon, but there are a few who ARE canon. Those foals are Rumble, Pumpkin and Pound Cake, Princess Skyla (the rumored alicorn foal of Shining Armor and Cadence), Pipsqueak as a toddler, and the CMC (including Spike and Babs). The breeds/species of the youngsters featured are ponies, zebra foal, hippogryph cub (pony/griffon hybrid), diamond dog pup, dragon hatchling, minotaur calf, a dragon/pony hybrid, a dragon/donkey hybrid, and a sphinx cub (in MLP world, it’s a creature with a pony’s head and a feline’s body with wings).
I wanted to demonstrate that Equestria’s occupants aren’t only ponies and are diverse. I also wanted to give some headcanon on foals in general, soooo… prepare yourself for a wall of text. o3o
Before anyone says anything, I know in real life an equine foal tends to be big enough to reach its mother’s milk and stand on its own nearly right after birth, but MLP doesn’t really seem to go that route. The infants we’ve seen in canon look exactly like that; fat, fluffy, diaper-wearing, adorable infants. SO!
I have the headcanon that the MLP foals aren’t born big enough to reach it’s mother’s belly when she’s standing up, and is much smaller than a real life newborn pony. So small, that a common method of carrying a foal, especially newborn, is by the scruff of their necks. That said, I see the foal in stages:
Infant foal- Nothin’ but a roll of fluff and adorable baby fat, they’re a little more akin to how baby puppies are; extremely tiny in comparison to the mother, but they grow fast enough.
-If the foal has wings, the wings in question will be nothing but useless limbs covered in fur. 
-If the foal has a horn, the horn itself is nothing but a tiny little bump with a very smooth surface to make the birthing easier.
Toddler- Instead of around 1 year like our average baby, a baby foal would probably become a toddler around the 6 months mark, where they begin to learn how to walk, run, speak, and all that good stuff. Earth pony toddles generally can walk and such a bit earlier than the other two breeds.
-Toddlers with wings will begin to develop feathers on their wings, but still remain flightless.
-Toddlers with horns has said horn begin to extend, but the tip of the horn remains fairly rounded and harmless.
Colt or Filly- The stage where they’re no longer considered a toddler. Possibly reaches this stage around the age of 2 to 3 years old. This is where they’re getting close to the age to go to preschool and such.
-A colt or filly with wings finally develop the muscles and feathers needed for flight, but generally won’t actually be able to become airborn until around 5 or 6. They won’t be able to maintain actual flight until much later.
-A colt or filly with a horn will begin to have a horn with a pointier tip, but still won’t be as sharp as an adult’s. Their use in magic generally won’t manifest itself until past the age of 5, and even then it’s in small bursts.
That said, equine don’t have to create offspring strictly with other equine. They are adapted well enough to be able to produce children with a few other sentient beings that are not of their species, such as the Griffon or a dragon. A griffon/equine couple always comes out as a hippogrpyh, while a dragon/equine foal has the chance of looking more equine or more reptile. And while hippogryphs are fertile once they reach adult hood, a  dragon/equine hybrid is not; they are sterile.
So yeah. I have more headcanon and all that, but so it won’t get cluttered here I won’t spout them off. As for the drawings, for the most part they’re random, but the CMC I have some headcanon for. The scars on Scoots and Babs are results of bullies, with Scoots standing up to them while Babs got hers when she was attacked by them.  As for the interaction between AB and Sweetie Belle, I’ve always figured AB would be a bit of a later bloomer, but soon she’ll begin to grow taller at a rapid rate. It’s of them a bit older, with AB beginning the start of her growth spurt, and she’s already almost a full head taller than Sweetie (who’s always been short, but AB was once her height). Surprised, Sweetie Belle gets into her best friend’s face and curiously asks if she’s always been as tall as she is now. While Applebloom won’t get as muscular as her brother or sister, she will be pretty tall and built lean with slim muscles once she reaches adulthood.
BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT anyhoodles, I think I’ll leave it here. As always, feel free to ask if you guys have any questions, and thanks for stopping by to take a gander. C: 
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