10:56pm December 9, 2013
Rarity’s Age Thingy, because several of you were asking about it. Truth be told, I had this drawn for a while, but I kind of continued to forget to upload it, what with finals killing me and all. :C But, here it is! I really enjoyed thinking up the headcanon for this one, so I hope you guys enjoy it too. 
So, without further ado, ONWARDS TO MAH HEADCANONZ!
Premature foal:
Pearl took very good care of herself while pregnant with Rarity. Making sure she ate right, daily exercise, all of that and in between. But despite her best efforts, the mare ended up going into labor about two months before her due date. Magnum, being away in Canterlot for some hoofball business, wasn’t home when this happened, and Pearl had to find some help to the hospital. Thanks to the quick thinking of a helpful mailpony (no, not Derpy), she managed to get to the hospital. Regardless, she still suffered from birth complications.
When Rarity was finally born, she was very tiny, thin, and weighed very little. She had respiratory and heart problems, and as soon as she was birthed the doctors whisked her away for tests and treatment. Magnum, having been contacted by the doctors, rushed from Canterlot to get to his wife, but he didn’t arrive soon enough to receive the news Pearl already had. With the way things were looking, Rarity had a low chance of surviving.
So here is a depiction of Pearl holding her first born daughter for the first time, looking so small and weak in her grasp, and she can’t help but cry helplessly. Poor Magnum, when he sees his daughter, will break down as well. :C
Age: Infant Foal (2-3 months)
Rarity is still pretty tiny, but her health has improved dramatically in comparison to how she first was. She’s now able to kinda crawl around on her belly, and while she still has to go in for checkups and treatments, she’s gradually becoming healthier and the treatments are slowly becoming unneeded. Magnum has taken a hiatus in his hoofball career while Pearl takes a long maternity leave in order to stay home and make sure Rarity is properly taken care of. Needless to be said, both are very relieved their daughter survived, and constantly thank the gods for her life.
Here, little Rarity snuggles up to Magnum, wide awake and wanting to play. The large stallion, while sleepy, can’t help but gaze lovingly at his small filly.
Ya’ll are gonna have to forgive me for this one. I’m a bit rusty at perspective so Magnum may look a little off. D:
Age: 4-5
Rarity, while a little small, is now a healthy size for a foal her age. Like any foal, she’s a little adventurous, and while she sometimes gives her parents a couple of scares with her endeavors, they’re more than happy to see her as active as she is. She’s also very intelligent and inventive for her age, often using her mother and father’s clothes, along with her own, to create costumes for impromptu plays she’d perform for them.
Her very first pet ever was a little bird. Why? I just thought it’d be cute. So here she is with that bird, looking at it curiously while the little avian does the same.
Age: 13- 14
Rarity is slowly growing more and more into creating clothing, and her fashion sense has already evolved quite well. Her teacher discovered her great knack for creation, so she actually allowed her to make a few costumes for the class play once. The designs were so well done that the preteen found herself doing this more and more for the class. It only grew when she received her cutie mark. It was around this time that Rarity discovered that she wanted to be a clothes designer, and the more she delved in it the more she began to “refine” herself into the classy, almost aristocratic mare we know. That’s not to say the accent she obtained from her parents has completely disappeared. x It’s also around this time that Sweetie Belle was born, thankfully without the same birth problems Rarity had.
Here she is giving her baby sister an affectionate nuzzle, of which Sweetie can’t help but giggle with glee at. c:
Age: 23-26
Rarity as we know her presently. Beautiful, sophisticated, and quite classy, she’s definitely a pony everypony wants to know. While her business had been going relatively well when she first started it a few years back, it’s only recently that she began getting country-wide acclaim for her fashion lines. Twilight’s ascension to alicornhood has also really helped boost her signal, and now it isn’t uncommon for the princesses themselves to order commissions for attire and, recently, even military uniforms. Coupled with her passion and rather reasonable prices, nopony can get enough of her wares.
Like the rest of the Mane 6, Rarity’s link to the Element of Generosity has ultimately extended her lifespan considerably. Nowhere near as much as Twi’s, but she and the girls will be around for quite a while before they pass. As her status as one of the Element Bearers, she will begin to become further involved with royal and worldly affairs, and she will be named “Knight of Equestria”. She, along with Fluttershy, often help lead negotiations, although they have different methods. Where-as Fluttershy’s disposition and sweet nature often wins out, Rarity can settle negotiations and such due to her silver tongue. Pair that up with her beauty, and you have yourself a dangerous weapon.
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANDDD that’s all, I think. o3o Welp, as usual, if you have any questions feel free to ask me. And as always, thanks for stopping by to take a look at my work. C:
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