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I swear I get the urge to draw at the most inopportune moments. At first I want to sleep, then suddenly it’s like “LOLOLOLOL NOPE UR DRAWIN DURR HURR”. Not that I mind much, though, soooooo whatevah.

This time around I decided to draw some Spike, because I certainly don’t draw him enough, and also because I wanted to redraw this:

It’s Spike’s Age Thingy, however I thought I should delve a little bit deeper than what I did with it because his relationship with Twi is one of my favorites of the show. I think I’ma redraw the last sketch of him, but later. For now, I’m gonna go ahead and get on with the headcanon here:


Spike’s egg before Twilight hatched it. I’ve the idea that Celestia found the little thing in a nest in some remote location, its parents nowhere in sight. It’s unusual that both parents were missing from the nesting site; when it came to needing to leave, one would stay with the clutch while the other would go out to fetch food and whatnot. A quick scan from Celestia revealed the reasoning for the egg’s abandonment; it was completely inert, as in, it would never hatch. No one would come back for it, so Celestia decided to bring it back with her, allowing the staff to use it as a test to measure the level of power and determination of each individual foal who participated in her school’s entrance exam.

-Infant: Newborn - 2 months:

The hatching of Spike’s egg is one that completely baffles  several experts, including Celestia herself (although she has a better idea of how it happened). Spike’s egg only managed to hatch because Twilight literally FORCED it to. While in her magic-crazed state during her exam, she used unconsciously used her magic to fertilize the egg, speed up its development process, and hatched it to reveal a fully developed and perfectly healthy hatchling. Said hatchling immediately imprinted on the unicorn filly as soon as he saw her. Due to her magic manipulating the inert egg to produce a living hatchling, he gained a lavender coloring that’s similar to her’s.

Spike was initially taken away to be examined by doctors, all of them amazed and curious as to how a young, 13 year old filly managed to complete such a feat. Celestia ended up ordering the young drake back to Twilight, due to him waking up screaming when he didn’t see her anywhere. The crying immediately stopped upon laying eyes on Twi again, and from that point on Spike is taken under her care (she received help from the princess and her parents, but she ultimately raised him herself)

Spike at this point is very dependent on Twilight, and refuses to be away from her for any length of time. Twilight doesn’t mind though, especially since it’s hard at school because of how some of the fillies and colts treat her (since she got into the school via pure skill and smarts alone, as well as becoming Celestia’s personal student). She immediately feels a maternal love toward the little guy, and her time at the university isn’t as lonely. The pictures shown here are Twilight first being officially introduced to Spike, much to the hatchling’s delight, and then about a month later with them taking a cute little nap.

-Age: 3-6
As Spike at this point isn’t as dependent of Twilight, but even still he often seen following right behind her anywhere she goes. It isn’t an unusually sight to see the baby drake toddling after her before ultimately being carried on her back. As a dragon, he ages slightly slower than what is typical of a foal, but even still he’s very intelligent and can quickly pick up several things. It’s around this time that he ultimately discovers his own love for books, especially when it’s Twilight reading to him. He often tries to help her out around her tower, but he’s still a little clumsy at this age. Regardless, Twilight let’s him try anyway; it’s a rather cute scene to behold. 

Here, a teenaged (around 18) Twilight is giving Spike a summary of the book he’s currently holding. The book itself holds quite a few big words he doesn’t understand yet, but even then he’s listening in rapt attention as Twi recounts the story the book has to offer.

Now, if there’s one thing to really note at this point in time (or at any point really), is that Twilight is very protective of her adopted hatchling. She’s actually gotten in at least two fights regarding Spike’s well-being (one left her bloody and bruised, the other she almost lost control of her magic due to her anger, but scared the bullies away and kept them intimidated from that point on), and despite being somewhat shy, will not hesitate in giving you a harsh tongue lashing if you so much as say anything ill about the young drake. 

-Age: 9-12

Spike as I currently see him. I think he should grow a tiny bit, so here he is with that little tidbit of height to him. He’s still pretty short in comparison to Twilight, but he’ll get there eventually. I have the headcanon that Spike can switch between being bipedal or quadrupedal whenever he feels like it, which is why he has long arms. He’ll eventually get to the point where his body begins to develop more for quadrupedal locomotion. 

He’s exactly as he is in the show; sarcastic, a jokester, but still very much a hard worker and a great friend. With his age comes a new dynamic to his and Twi’s relationship, where they sometimes act a little like brother and sister. Regardless of this and the fact that he calls her “Twilight”, he still acknowledges the alicorn as his mother.

As he grows older and bigger, he will be allowed to accompany the Mane 6 on their more dangerous adventures more often, the turning point having been the whole spiel with King Sombra. Eventually, I have the headcanon that he will become something of a personal bodyguard to Twilight and the Mane 6, as well as their primary means as transportation when travelling the world. How much more can you impress a potential ally than to arrive there on dragon back? xD

I’m sleepy again, so I think I’ll just leave it here for now.. Thank you guys for stopping by to take a look, and as always, feel free to ask questions if you have any. c:

hi! your art is really really good! I dont watch MLP, but your art made me fall in love with the whole MLP world. :) I have a question, if you don't mind. would a half changeling-half pony be possible? I have this idea that there are occasionally changeling and pony couples, but I was wondering if they could have kids and what they would look like. :)

Thanks! I’m glad you enjoy my artwork! And I never mind answering a question. c:

As for your question, I’ve actually answered one similar to this, but yes. Changelings, due to their nature (I have a full headcanon thing explaining how I think they operate) are able to mate and reproduce with just about any creature that is sentient, and that includes equine. The coupling between a changeling and a pony actually isn’t uncommon. The problem at the current time is that those in Equestria generally don’t really accept such a pairing, due to the recent attack that was on Canterlot by Chrysalis’ hive. That will change overtime, when the Princesses begin to take steps to lessen the hostilities between Changelings and Equestria, but until then, it’s often best not to reveal that your mate is a changeling, and vice versa.

As for how the offspring would look, due to the two species being relatively close in appearance, they’d still look pretty equine. What you do to their characteristics is completely up to the creator, though, so have fun and get creative with it. c:

Do you have any headcanons about the Shadowbolts?

Indeed I do. The image itself is kinda old, but the general headcanon I have of them hasn’t changed all that much. You can find it here:

Just some sketches I colored today. The top two are canon BG characters Candy Mane and the unnamed stallion of Maniac’s henchponies. The last two are commissions.

The blue one is actually supposed to have a dappled coat, but that’s… pretty hard. This is my first attempt at trying to color a dappled coat, so hopefully she turned out okay. D:

Where does your Equestria get large leather hides from (or any useful leather, really)? Best I ever came up with is they hunt or farm large predators and monsters (eg. wolves, lions, manticores), while large prey types are generally assumed off limits, but that's always felt a little handwavingly vague to me. Am I overlooking an obvious solution here?

Due to the fact that my ponies are omnivorous, yes, they do hunt. It isn’t limited to large predator animals, however, nor do they hunt them all that often. What’s common on the list is:

small mammals (like rodents)






some species of marsupials

some species of reptiles

some mystical prey animals that I haven’t completely decided on yet

That said, they commonly get their leather from the mammals they hunt, as well as the reptiles, and of course trading (primarily with the Griffons).

I always figured pony melee combat would focus a lot on maneuverability and hind leg striking (bucks). Any thoughts on combat style?

When it comes to melee, I think ponies would rely largely on their maneuverability and use their hindlegs a great deal in a battle (hence the cleated horseshoes for harsher damage), but it isn’t limited to just that.

When in close-ranged combat and using blades such as bladed guards or clawed gauntlets(not swords; I don’t think them handling a sword via mouth is all that practical.), their method of fighting involves them moving almost constantly. To parry attacks they don’t actually block with their weapon, but instead, their armor. For example, if an enemy brought down a sword upon the pony, they wouldn’t use their own blade to deflect it, but instead would maneuver themselves to bring their armor to bare. Jutting out a shoulder, turning to parry the move with their armored flanks and continue to use that momentum to deliver a quick buck, that sort of thing.

Also in their arsenal is extensive magic usage. The ponies are deadly, not only with conventional combat, but with magical combat as well. Earth ponies can alter and manipulate the earth as if it were their plaything (picture Earthbenders; that sort of earth manipulation), pegasi can summon and manipulate powerful winds, rain, and some can even manipulate short bolts of lightning. Unicorns are terrifying as well, their magic being able to be used as either beams of pure, raw, damaging energy, or cast spells both offensive and defensive.

Do you think you could tell/show the difference in pegasi wings? I have an oc that I want her to be a slow, long distance flyer. How would her wings look? Thank you!

Oh, I just follow this tutorial here. It already does what you just asked me:

Have you ever tried drawing a crystal pony? I'm curious as to what your take would be.

I already have, although he’s just a sketch. The visible difference to the crystal pony would be more obvious if he’s in color though.

A thingy thing thing I’ve decided to do because I actually kinda like drawing armor. Well, that, and I did want to show some of the types of armor used in the Equestrian army. A lot of these sketches I did a few moments ago, but only two of them are a little older than the rest. Regardless, they serve their purpose. o3o

The canon characters featured are Shining Armor and Soarin’, three of these are commissions I did of peeps’ original characters, and the rest are made up. As a sidenote that goes with my headcanon though, Equestia’s army is not made of ponies only. Their are several non-pony soldiers in the Equestrian armor, and to give a small example of that, I added in a Diamond Dog and griffon. C: Also, the sketches with colors were colored by Rex42. Thanks again, bro! C:

You can find his DA here:

So with that said, I’ma go ahead and just jump right into the headcanon here, short as it may be for now:

Regardless of their nation enjoying a relative amount of peace (not including recently), Equestria actually has quite a bloody history under its belt. The 3-Tier War, the war with Discord then later Sombra, the rebellion of Nightmare Moon (the battle between the sisters known as the Bloody Eclipse), and so forth has resulted in Equestria’s army growing into what it is now:

One of the most extensive and powerful militaries among the prominent nations.

Due to the nature of Gaia, technology is mostly a mixture between magic and steampunk. We can get into the steampunk aspect a little later, but for this one, I’ma focus on the armor. Typical barding and protection of the soldiers come in several forms, but the most common in Equestria is usually leather, steel, bronze, and iron. The armor can come in a variety of shapes, sizes, weight, and purposes. Brief descriptions can be found on the images.

I can always explain the armor in detail later, though; I’ll update this when I do. However, I can go ahead and talk a little about the featured weapons here since the list is short:


Clawed Gauntlets: It’s what the mare in the second image is wearing. They’re specifically the shoes though. The claws are fully retractable and etched with runes which integrate them with the pony’s magic, allowing them to seamlessly adjust to the situation and conditions without relying on clunky manual controls for standard operation. There is, however, a manual override switch located near the shin-guard housing.

Cleated Horseshoes: Exactly what it says on the tin; horseshoes that has been cleated, or had the addition of sharp spikes at the bottom of the shoes. They are the ones that are always issued to every soldier, and this is because of their devastating impact if anyone was unlucky to receive the brunt of a strike with these badboys on.

Spiked Guards: Protective guards upon the legs that add extra protection with the addition of spikes.


I’m really sleepy so I don’t really have much else to say at the moment. If I think of something to add or elaborate on, I’ll do so later. Until then, as always, feel more than free to ask me a question and such. And thanks a bunch for stopping by. ^.^

So I’m half asleep and, as usual, felt the urge to draw some more. So I drew these. c:

Just me playing with a variety of facial structures and features. The thing that annoys me sometimes is when, if I draw a soft-faced stallion or a square-faced mare, there’s those select few who has to comment “Oh he’s too girly”, or “Oh she looks too male”. What some folks seem to forget is that not every female is gonna have a soft face and not every male is gonna have a chiseled face, and that applies to pastel colored horses too.

What also throws me for a loop is the lack of OC ponies that are middle aged or older. I’ma just have to draw more older ponies, then. C:

Sooooooooo, yeah. Here’s me trying out different facial structures to make each character unique from each other (because I’d like the practice as well). The canon characters featured here are:

Pearl (Rarity’s mom), Mrs. Cake, Mr. Cake, Trixie, Granny Smith, Amira (Saddle Arabia delegate), and Fluer Dis Lee. All the ponies in the last image are random and made up.

So there ya have it. C: I’m vurreh sleepy I’m about to take myself a nap. O:

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to ask. And thanks a bunch for stoppin’ by. ^.^