6:10am October 20, 2014

Another night that I can’t sleep; my head hurts a little, but nothing I can’t handle. But since I couldn’t go to sleep, I ended up doing a quick doodle of Surprise the G1 pony because I’ve been wanting to do so for a while now. So, here she is! I’m really pleased with how she came out, especially since the doodle itself took… mmm, what, 10 minutes? It’s kinda messy in result, but it’s fine. C:

Anyway, due to G1 Surprise being the original inspiration to Lauren Faust for the creation of Pinkie Pie, I’ve headcanoned the pegasus to be the grandmother of the lovable party-pony. So in my headcanon, Surprise is Surprise Pie, otherwise known as “Granny Pie”. She was a Wonderbolt squadron leader and, due to her having been a soldier, sustained quite a few scars to her being (the hind leg she has lifted has a permanent limp to it). But despite that and her age (she definitely wasn’t old, but was in her late 40s), she had the energy and enthusiasm to rival anyone more than half her age. She’s sadly deceased in my headcanon, however, having being killed during a deployment in Zebrica when Pinkie was around.

The way I see it, of all of her sisters, Pinkie actually takes after her grandmother the most, both in appearance and in personality (in fact, her parents often call her “Surprise’s little mini-me”). That said, though, I wanted to make it so the body and facial structure between them was still different enough to make them individuals. To better illustrate those differences, I put the headcanon drawing I did of Pinkie awhile ago beside her and drew Surprise in a similar pose. The differences here are:

-Surprise has a stronger and more defined jaw than Pinkie does

-Surprise has more weight to her, being more muscular than her granddaughter

-Surprise’s hair isn’t as curly as Pinkie’s

-Pinkie’s eye’s are more round while Surprise’s has some angles to them

-Pinkie has a round snout while Surprise’s is more squared

I hope those differences are actually visible. o3o I’ll actually color her very soon-ish, so don’t be surprised if I reblog this with the colored version of Surprise updated in there. Feel free to ask questions in the meantime, and until then, thanks a bunch for takin’ a look. c:

9:24am October 16, 2014

I’ve been up for a while because I couldn’t sleep, so I decided to draw a little bit to pass time. Some of you were asking about how the CMC (Spike included) would look in their teens, so that’s exactly what I did. The CMC teenagers, cutie marks and all! c: I actually drew Sweetie Belle awhile back, and I colored her before scanning the original sketch in. I’ll color the rest as well, though, so don’t worry. o3o

But yeah. The Gals are around 15-16, while Spike is around 17-18 (I’ve always seen him as a bit older). The thing about Spike, though, is that he isn’t even a fraction of how big he will get, so the pones better watch out for his growth spurts. xD

I’ve got some headcanon on these buggers, but I’m so freakin’ tired, I’ll just do it when I go to post them individually when they’re each colored. Until then, feel free to ask any questions you may have, and thanks for stopping by for a look. c:

2:18am October 15, 2014

Just something I did a few days ago because I wanted to try out drawing as close to the original show style as possible (with still my own little twist to it) and also because my wanted to give this character a reference sheet. This here is the character design of my brother’s pony OC. He calls him Ratchetness since that’s his Youtube name, but I don’t think the character himself has a name. Regardless, he’s a Zony (pony/zebra hybrid), and he’s loads of fun to draw. C:

The picture on the bottom is the one I drew a while ago (I posted it up on here… somewhere :/ ), with Shaleclaw providing the awesome colors. I’ve since changed the wing design to something more simple, but I still really like how it came out. O:

I originally wasn’t gonna post this up here, but I figured I may as well just ‘cause. c:

1:57am October 11, 2014


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I’m taking a quick break from patreon rewards and commissions, and in turn I’ve decided to draw this. Some of you asked about how I saw Diamond Dogs, and I’ve been kinda itching to draw them, so here you go. The character that’s canon is Rover, whom is the adult male on the top left (just without his vest), while the female’s on the top right. They were pretty fun to draw, although I may go back and add in some more diamond dogs for a better illustration on how they look and all. O: For now, this will do. And so, onward to the HEADCANON TEXT OF TERROR! WoooOoooOooOOOOOooooo…. o3o


The Diamond Dog can come in several body shapes and overall appearance, but in general what all diamond dogs have in common is their body structure. In general, the diamond dog has a large head with somewhat large eyes, the pupils typically slit. They usually have two “sets” of teeth; some jut from the lower and upper jaw in an under or overbite, while the rest of their teeth are structured in the typical fashion of a canine. They have broad shoulders, thick necks, and long, powerful arms with their hands/paws (either is acceptable) reaching past their knees when standing bipedal. They have relatively short legs in comparison to the rest of their body, and a long, strong tail that ends with a “studded” club. The studs of the club contain retractable bards as well. Females in particular do not have prominent breasts until pregnancy and nursing young. The diamond dog’s height varies and is very widely diverse, depending on the diamond dog, but in general they are tall, large creatures that tend to reach about 8 feet in height.

The diamond dog can come in several different colors and markings, however the most common are varying shades of gray, black, brown, green, and blue. Their eyes can be any range of colors but the most common are yellow, blue, and red.

Due to their body structure, the diamond dog is able to have both bipedal and quadrupedal locomotion, however they feel more comfortable when moving on all four. Supporting their weight upon their knuckles is usually favored, however the diamond dog will move “open-palmed” when at full sprint (this is to allow their claws better leverage when gripping the earth).

The Diamond Dog’s diet primarily revolves primarily around the consumption of gems and meat. They can eat a wide variety of foods, specifically rabbit, deer, fish, berries, and of course gems. Gems, however, typically take up most of their diet, hence their given name. Being pack-minded creatures, the diamond dog likes to hunt and forage in groups of about three or four, and when hunting, they prefer the ambush technique over charging and chasing. Both male and female diamond dogs will participate in hunting and foraging.

Similarly to their wolf cousins, it’s common for a Diamond Dog pair to be mated for life. However, it is also very common among diamond dogs (typically those without a pack) to come together in a pair simply to procreate, or to “take the edge off” during mating seasons. Of the many sapient species in Gaia, diamond dogs are among the most open when it comes to preferences and sex in general; they certainly aren’t shy in letting someone know they are interested in them.

A female diamond dog typically have one or two pups at a time, however having up to three or four certainly isn’t unheard of. Similarly to the young of their feral cousins, the diamond dog cub is born completely helpless and blind (however, they are not born deaf, unlike their feral cousins) as well as unable to regulate their body temperature, so they must completely rely on their parents and siblings (if they have any) for warmth. The parents of the pup(s) share the responsibilities of caring for their young and rotate with one another, with one staying with the cubs to keep them warm and protected while the other goes out to hunt for food for their family. If living in a pack, it isn’t unusual for others of the clan to take turns babysitting the offspring of packmates and family members. In the event that a mass-hunt is scheduled, the young is typically left with one or two adults to protect the “village” while a few teenaged diamond dogs take over on keeping newborns warm.

It’s about after a week until the pup will finally open its eyes, and from that point on its growth will accelerate to the rate that is similar among Minotaurs. Young cubs do not gain their external “tusks” until they reach the age of 13.

The Diamond Dogs are very pack-oriented creatures, and as such they typically require companionship in order to survive properly. The companionship can come in any shape or form, from another diamond dog, another sapient creature of any species, being in a community, or even an animal friend. If left by its lonesome, a diamond dog can still manage to survive just fine, but it is a very lonely existence.

Like the Dragons, the diamond dog population doesn’t necessarily have a government of its own, and instead there are several pockets of civilizations and packs/tribes that thrive with their own culture, language, and politics. Generally, however, a diamond dog tribe is often lead by the “alpha pair”, elder(s), and their chosen council. Unlike their feral cousins, the alpha pair CAN be decided by whom is the strongest in the pack, but the merits of a leader is often measured by the dog’s strength, adaptability, courage, and ability to be authoritative. How the leaders are determined and identified depends entirely on the individual pack, however it is a widely used custom among many tribes to use clothing and collars as a sign of wealth and power (especially collars). What an individual dog wears and dons varies with each, but how elaborate the collar is can be used as a way to tell of the ranking or wealth an individual dog has among their pack. Certain kinds of earrings work in this way as well. The number of members in a diamond dog pack can range from a family of three to up to several families coming together under a specific leadership (it can reach up to 60 families or more).

That said, large groups of tribes and packs will come together annually to interact and mingle for possible trade, alliances, and to settle disputes (typically political) on even grounds. In the event that the Diamond Dogs wish to interact with the political powers of other countries, the pack leaders and councils all come together to decide upon who among them will act as the ambassadors for the Diamond Dogs as a whole.


And there ya have it. You’ll have to forgive me for some of the “bleh” to this headcanon. I pretty much made most of it up as I went along on the spot, so I’ll have to come back to better refine it. I suppose it’ll do for now, though.

But until then, if you have any questions feel free to ask. And thanks again for stopping by! Reward yourself a treat for actually reading the entire text, as well; you’ve earned it, buckaroo. ;D

12:01pm October 8, 2014


Can you tell I’m enjoying myself? Because I am. OCs are fun to draw. c:

9:33pm October 5, 2014

So I’ve been suddenly getting an influx of people asking me if I’ll do a tutorial on how to draw my MLP ponies, so I decided to post this up. Now, let me tell you right now, I honestly have very little, if any, interest in creating a tutorial. And in the meantime, it’d be far more beneficial to those who are asking to look up reference images of actual horses and tutorials of real horses than it would be for you to follow a tutorial of me, who’s only giving you the surface details of how a horse actually works instead of in-depth anatomy knowledge.

If I ever do a tutorial, it’ll be because I’ve reached a high goal on my Patreon. Until then, it’s very unlikely to happen.

So in its stead, I’ve done this: this is the sketch commission I did for dennybutt in it’s “development” sketch, and then the finished product. The sketch in general took about 15-20 minutes to finish, so if this helps anyone who is interested, this is what I do when I sketch:

-When sketching, I keep myself relaxed and loose, and that includes my arm and hand. If I tense up, the lines tend to get jerky, so unless I want that effect (examples: spikey hair, a harsh pelt, very sharp edges) I don’t draw with only my wrist most of the time.

-Look at the character’s body structure as simplistic shapes. Instead of thinking “aw man, I’m drawing a horse”, think “what shapes make up a horse?” The shapes used sometimes depends on the character’s bodytype: for Joen, I used mostly angular and sharp shapes like squares, triangles, and rectangles, while I used rounder shapes for Reina. But in general, for the typical pony build of any gender, I use a circle for the head, a circle or a somewhat tapered trapezium for the muzzle, and rounded triangles for the ears.

- Don’t worry about how it looks in the first place, and get messy. The sketch will not turn out looking beautiful within the first few minutes of the sketch, so don’t worry about it’s perfection. In fact, don’t worry too much about the details; focus more on the characters’ posing and overall structure before you dive into details. The most I ever get into detail when I’m still “fleshing” the sketch out is the expression, and even that is a slight imitation of one before I build it into something more solid.

-Don’t be afraid to erase, but at the same time, don’t erase too much. When I’m sketching, I don’t erase much until I’m positive I have what I want. Once I do, I get rid of the lines I feel like I don’t need. 

-Once all of that’s done and you have yourself a very rough sketch you like, go in and put in the details. Erase lines you don’t want, keep lines you think you need, and above all, have fun with it.

So uh… eeyup. I suppose that can be counted as advice, but really that’s the way I tend to go about sketching (and this is in general; it does not apply exclusively to ponies). If it helps any to those looking for a different way of drawing, then have at it. But remember, what works for me may not work for you, so don’t be afraid to try new techniques or come up with your own to make yourself feel more comfortable at drawing. And like I said, have fun! Art is a very enjoyable learning experience, and you get the best stuff from when you’re enjoying yourself. C:

5:54pm October 4, 2014
the-wild-buttsex asked: Hi there! If you don't mind me asking, you said that the earth ponies and pegasi have some sort of magic along with the unicorns right? Well I was wondering what kind of magic it is. I mean, the unicorns have magic in general, right? But what about the others?

All creatures in Gaia have magic in general, not just the unicorns. And earth pony and pegasus magic is basically the same in its core to the unicorns’ magic.

What makes magic different from creature to creature is whether their magic is active or passive, what element does their magic typically lean more toward, and exactly how they’re able to utilize it.

Ponies in general have magic that is very active and have the most direct  control over how they utilize it, and this goes for all of the breeds. This is especially true for Equestrian Ponies. The only real difference is the element(s) each breed’s magic tends to lean more toward, but even that gets blurred almost constantly because it depends on the individual.

In general terms, earth ponies typically have magic that is more in-tuned with the Earth Element, Pegasi with the Air and Water Element, and Unicorns with the Energy Element.

The only reason Unicorn magic seems unique is because their magic is primarily in-tuned with Energy. This is unique because Energy is the completely neutral and raw component that acts as the basis of any magic element. It’s due to this that nearly any of the other Elements can be mimicked by Energy, however it’s strongest uses are for Shields, Telekinesis, raw blasts of energy (usually in a laser form) and spells. It should be noted that, also because of it’s neutral nature, Unicorns typically have another element their magic is in-tuned with in addition to energy.

For a far more in-depth headcanon on how pony magic works and such, just check out my sneak peek of my headcanon book HERE.

And the link to list of Magic Elements and their subcategories HERE.

Hope that answers your question. c:

4:56pm October 4, 2014
happydogblogging asked: I've noticed that you usually dont ink your traditional pieces, is there any reason for that? (Just curiosity since most traditional artist ive seen work a lot with black ink)

One reason is because I like the sketchy look the raw sketch has over cleaned up and inked works. To me it personally feels like there’s more life to it than when it’s been completely cleaned and inked.

Another reason is because, when I color with watercolors, it’s easier to paint over pencil then it is inks, especially when I’m doing the outline. I don’t want a black outline for the characters, so I outline them with a slightly darker color than their pelt.

And the third reason is because I simply don’t care for inking all that much. o3o

5:55am October 4, 2014

Some more commissions! I’m having a ball with these. xD

6:54pm October 3, 2014

Limited Edition Prints

Alrighty, so in addition to my commissions (which are still very much open, and will have slots available soon), I’ve finally printed out two of the Limited Edition print series I’m selling. When I say limited edition, I really mean it; once these prints are gone, THAT’S IT. No more will be printed of them. This journal will be updated once I have more of the paintings intended for this project ready, but until then, I’m gonna go ahead and offer up the first batch.

SO! These are the prints that are available, a description of them, and how many are in stock:

Title: Solar Flare/Nightmare Celestia
Description: Printed on quality glossy photo paper, each of these prints have been hand modified so they are also done in glitter to mimic the effect the original painting has. Comes with a protective sleeve, with the edition number, title, and my signature on the back.
Size: 11 x 15 inches
Price: $25
Quantity Left10 of 10 prints

Title: The Moon’s Muse
Description: Printed on quality glossy photo paper. Comes with a protective sleeve with the edition number on the back. My signature is on the image itself.
Size: 8 x 10 inches
Price: $10
Quantity Left10 of 10 prints

Remember, once these prints are gone, THAT’S IT. I will not be selling them online at any other given time once they are completely gone.

So if you’re at all interested, just send me a message with the name of the print you’d like to purchase. C: